Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the music of the Deadbeat Apostles. Country, soul, blues and rock ‘n’ roll:- take a trip to our private isle of sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Thrill to the romance, laugh like a drain, cry like a baby or dance like a loon – The Deadbeat Apostles can do it all and they want to do it to you…

Deadbeat Records are proud to announce the release of a new Double A Side from The Deadbeat Apostles – ‘I’m a Man’ and ‘Viva la Evolution’. Released Friday 1st May with their Online May Day of the Deadbeats along with accompanying short film ‘On Record’ and new video for Viva la Evolution filmed completely in isolation. Come lose yourself with the Deadbeats greatest release yet…..

2020 Double A Single

Bring Out Your Deadbeats

Day of the Deadbeats – debut album

Our Second EP

Released in June 2017, finds us embracing a broader range of stylistic and lyrical influences. Birth, death, agriculture, gout; the Deadbeats grapple with the big issues. Ok, maybe not agriculture.

The Male Man

“The Deadbeats go totally postal on this harsh and unremitting examination of masculinity. This wild ride of a song builds on a frenetic mixture of slide guitar, organ and bass until grinding to a juddering halt with its stark and shambling conclusion. That’s the Male Man – beaten down, hopeless, unforgiven and doing the can-can”.


Inspired by the philanderings of one of Oxford’s finest musical entrepreneurs, the story of Badfoot weaves a tangled web. Could 35 years of rock n roll really shape a life so sinister ? Will you let Mr Badfoot get his way ? The mantra, as ever – your damned if you do, god help you if you don’t.

Blood on my Pillow

A tale of love loss, cooking implements and unwholesome literature, Blood On My Pillow could have been written at any time in the post-1960s era and, indeed, was. Once an awkward hatchling, known only to a select bunch of musical degenerates, the song now soars majestically on the wings of the giant bird of prey that is the Deadbeat Apostles

Our first EP

Released on 16/02/17 is comprised of songs written during and immediately after a road trip across America. Absorbing the soul and spirit of New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and New York city.

Can’t Stop The Rain

‘Can’t Stop The Rain’ is in its essence a civil rights song. Based around the phenomenal house band of Stax Records in the mid-nineteen sixties it aims to give a commentary on how harmony was strained within this community by the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King. Although Stax provides the inspiration, the message is eternal.

Pilgrim’s Dreams

‘Pilgrim’s Dreams’ is a drunken tour of New York City laden with references to the Hero’s that took us there. David Bowie died while we were visiting and we tell of the pilgrimage to his apartment. The loft that John Lennon and Yoko Ono took residence of on Bank Street, the boozer that Dylan Thomas allegedly took his last drink, the beats all feature on board this out of control train ride of fun.

The Man Who Sold His Soul

‘The Man Who Sold His Soul’ is about the constant bullshit we all chase day after day after day. What are we searching for? Where are we heading? The capitalist wheel keeps turning brothers and sisters and everyday more and more helpless souls get sucked down and crushed in the gears of the machine. Are we all doomed? What would you sell to survive and get your kicks? ‘Don’t let him come around’ says it all.