Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the music of the Deadbeat Apostles. Soul, blues and rock ‘n’ roll:- take a trip to our private isle of sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not. Thrill to the romance, laugh like a drain, cry like a baby or dance like a loon – The Deadbeat Apostles can do it all and they want to do it to you…

Latest releases

Released at The Bullingdon in June 2022 Sweet Sweet Love see the band return to the epic and soulful sound of their beginnings with a song that is a powerhouse of wonderful noise and emotion. Aching with love, longing and lust the Deadbeats continue to use music to create danger, magic, and madness. With inspiring performances from each band member, the incredible vocals inflame the storm creating a truly powerful moment in the Deadbeats ever growing list of tunes. A great example of natural dynamics in a song where the performances themselves are the dynamic factor.

The Deadbeats story