“The very best in Oxford rock and roll music. My only criticism is that there weren’t 50,000 people in the room”. OMS Magazine December 2021

The Deadbeat Apostles are a five-piece soul, blues, rock and roll outfit “infused with a punk spirit that doesn’t trample too hard on the soulful rock’n’roll that is their stock-in-trade” who continue to stomp about Oxford venues swaggering and swaying as they do so, angry, political, dressed up to the nines and having a ball. Their heartfelt and powerful singles are a rallying cry for the oppressed and soulful calls for action along with tunes that will you get you dancing and remembering why music is your first love.

“The quality of a Deadbeats track is never in question – they are, perhaps, Oxford’s best-kept secret, and one we need to start sharing with the entire world”. OMS Magazine Dec 2021

Michael Ginger brings to the table a voice described as Wilson Picket, Otis Redding, Percy Sledge and Roger Daltrey all rolled up into one rampant and gutsy front man – a true original, an outstanding performer and a man who will lay his heart and soul on the stage for you to lap up and take home.

Described by Nightshift as ‘the phenomenal Michelle Mayes, a full-on soul belter who should be leading her own revue’ she combines big gutsy screams with a tender and sweet side that will melt your heart after setting you on fire.

Garry "G-BOMB" Richardson

Garry “G-BOMB” Richardson is quite simply a force to be reckoned with and one of the greatest guitarists Oxford has ever seen. Nicknamed ‘G Bomb’ by the Deadbeats he will keep surprising you with his talent and trickery – “a clutch of rocking intro riffs that would make Keith Richards fall out of his coconut tree with excitement”.

Alex Ogg

The jewel in the Deadbeats crown is Drummer Mr Alex Ogg. Without him, the Deadbeats would be nothing. A collapsed heap of notes not knowing where to run to and what the hell to do. A true master of the beat. Here lies in these two a rhythm section that is a true gem and so rare to find.

The Deadbeat Apostles –a very special band whose performance is the ultimate ‘pick me up’ with original songs that could have been written by The Rolling Stones on a vacation to Dollywood! These guys have it all and play with the passion, musicality and presence of ‘The King’ in his Vegas years with the same mix of gospel, country, roots and good old rock n roll.  Those of us who have been lucky enough to see them ‘do their thing’  know they are too good to keep for ourselves and will soon have to share them with music lovers everywhere!