A nod to Gimme Shelter, Merry Clayton and Van Morrison! Yep, we’ll take that! 1st review for our new single Sweet Sweet Love is a belter and features now in the new edition of Oxford’s wonderful Nightshift Magazine – read it in full online now! http://nightshiftmag.co.uk/2022/jun.pdf

“After last year’s punked-up blues-rock call to arms that was ‘Leave It To Men’, The Deadbeat Apostles reel it back a few notches on this new single, initially at least. The first 35 seconds or so of ‘Sweet Sweet Love’ are pretty standard funky soul-rock to be honest, Mike Ginger doing his best chilled Van Morrison impersonation as things lope pleasantly along without disturbing the horses, but then he shows the first signs that he’s gonna get wild and raw and really soar and off we go – the band pick up a head of steam, Ginger properly exercises those tonsils and Michelle Mayes goes the full Merry Clayton as the Deadbeats revisit Altamont Stones-style. Even then they tease us by drawing back before we can all get properly carried away and by the time they’ve brought the noise for a third and final time we’re wishing they’d jam it out for another couple of minutes. It’s a song that shows the two chief sides of The Deadbeat Apostles; easy pub crowd pleasers on the one hand, but at heart a band who can let rip and rock with the very best. Obviously Nightshift prefers the latter but at least we know, during those moments when they’re keeping their powder dry, the storm is just a shot away”. Dale Kattack