Saturday 14th September – Bring out your Deadbeats! All sail for the Port Mahon for our EP launch with support from the incredible The August List
“Tainted heart, beleaguered mind. Trapped somewhere between rock ’n’ roll and a hard place, the prisoner doesn’t know if the visitor is saviour or executioner. The blues comes knocking, but you’ll be lucky to sell your soul to the stranger at the crossroads with the loaded dice and the twisted smile. More likely they’ll steal it, and your shoes into the bargain.
Its sweet soul music, but not as we know it Jim. A vision of ruined and desperate humanity, asking themselves “where did we go wrong?” as malevolent birds of prey circle overhead and the portal to hell seems a more enticing option than the road we’re on. Be careful what you wish for, its apocalypse whenever and the Deadbeat Apostles take the hindmost.”
Join us for some sweet sweet soul and Rock n’ Roll Saturday the 14th September at the wonderful Port Mahon for The Deadbeat Apostles EP launch – ‘Bring out Your Deadbeats’. Tickets only a fiver with a free EP thrown in for your listening pleasure. Plus we have the mighty and quite frankly genius that are The August List joining us for the evening. They’ll be treating y’all to a full band set up with their backwards country / porch folk and startling rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Limited tickets available now. Doors at 8. Come buy the Ticket, Take the Ride