Right through lockdown so far us Deadbeats aint stopped working. New songs a plenty have poured from our lonely souls and Mikes outfits are more plentiful than ever purchased with the pennies saved on the absence of pints. Alex has bought a drum kit and has vowed to be even greater coming outta this that when he went in. Surely impossible? Hugh has diarised our Deadbeats doings in a yet to be published literally masterpiece and Shell is working harder than ever to get the band sponsored by Stella. Plus of course the videos and virtual DOTDB. Now we have our glorious gardens opened up meaning our weekly Wednesday practises are back, sack and crack! The best night of the week returns. Grand fun with JackFest 2020 – Celebrating Oxon Acts & Venues and FloGlo virtual 2020 – Community fundraising event last week – get ready for our live stint at Virtual Cowley Road Carnival Day for Restore and some electrifying shenanigans with the beauties at Charlbury Riverside Festival. We can’t hug each other yet but the Deadbeats are on the way back to where they should be.