The weather’s shit, the nights are drawing in and an element of horror hangs over the evenings. If there’s ever a time of year for a Day of the Deadbeats then this is it! Alas it cannot be so. Not only have the moaning neighbours put a stop to the sweet sweet music dancing from our spiritual home The Isis River Farmhouse then the C word sweeps our beautiful night away like a white crusted dog shit. So we are gonna treat y’all to a DOTDB count down to Christmas starting December 1st – a post a day to remind you of the 13 evenings, 2 festivals and the veritable feast of Oxford musical beauties that will hopefully warm the cockles of ya heart and feel some hope that our times will come again. For now why not read again DBA bass player Hugh Garrety’s lockdown diary one featured right here on our website. Very different times but a little snapshot of the madness that was to envelope us as we were set a drift on filming our lockdown video for single Viva la Evolution, creating Deadbeats documentary ‘On Record’ and our first online DOTDB – number 13 of course. Plus get online and buy someone the gift of their dreams! Some DBA merch! Sending oceans of Deadbeats love on to y’all x