A gentle but high-quality introduction to festival season as local country-soul stars The Deadbeat Apostles host their second annual all-dayer on the banks of the Thames at the historic Isis Farmhouse. While there’s no set stylistic theme the music tends towards the rootsier end of the spectrum for the most
part, with the hosts’ energetic mix of Grand Ole’ Oprey and Harlem Apollo as good a climax to a day of music as you could hope for, the band led by two great vocal talents in Mike Ginger and Michelle Mayes. They’re joined across the day by local alt.country and folk-rock heroes The Epstein, back in action after a bit of a hiatus; haunting and powerful folk-drone stars The August List; rock’n’roll and rockabilly maestros The Long Insiders, channelling the spirits of Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Jody Reynolds through
The Cramps’ gothic mud slick; expansive bluegrass and folk ensemble The Knights of Mentis; blues rockers The Ragged Charms; atmospheric, spaced-out gloom rockers Flights of Helios, coming in where Radiohead meets Neu!; Delta and Chicago blues duo Beard of Destiny, and veteran local guitarist Johnny Hinkes’ traditional country crew The Prairie Clams. As well as the music, beer and all that necessary stuff, there’ll be kid-friendly activities and sideshows. Summer’s here folks, here’s the entry gate.