Our first EP, and Nightshift Magazines Demo The Month winner, has been getting rave reviews. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Nightshift had to say about.

‘Blimey. Due to the absence of much available online music until now we’d always had The Deadbeat Apostles down as a bluesy country act (what little we could ever find certainly was). This set of songs blows that early impression pretty clean out of the water. There is a distinct country element at play, notably in the slide guitar and twang of sultry opener `I Can’t Stop the Rain’, but it’s way more soulful than we’re expecting, with some rich, gospel-flavoured backing vocals to lift it all up several levels. `Pilgrim’s Dreams’ too is as much Nashville as it is Atlanta, with its loping gait and happy feeling-sad vibe, but as it builds to a passionate conclusion, you’re starting to get rather more Wilson Pickett or Al Green than Willie Nelson out of it. The real banger, though, is final track `The Man Who Sold His Soul’, which is real old school soul, leading in with a sweet, understated Percy Sledge feel before an epic lead vocal from Mike Ginger, coupled with some seriously heroic backing vocals, make it a night to remember. The arrangement and production are exceptional and while it’s rare to get some genuine soul music in the pile, when it’s this good, it makes the wait more than worthwhile.’

Come and join us, the day of the Deadbeats is coming….