The Deadbeat Apostles return to the coolest hang out in Oxford, The Handle Bar on St Michaels Street for a night of fine music and ferocious dancing.
Joined by Oxford favourites Papa Nui they’ll be cooking up some deeply delicious original, organic stew made up of all danceable ingredients. Hailing from Oxford and a massive live act Papa Nui are set to bring their fusion of blues and country, ska and reggae and Americana in to the nights mix. The band combines fantastic vocal harmonies with a backbone so rhythmic you’ll be crying for mercy. What better way to get you revved up for an attack of the Deadbeats! Described by Oxfords Nightshift as “a genuine celebration of what’s best in Oxford music” The Deadbeat Apostles take no prisoners with their phenomenal live shows and this is set to be a frantic ride from 60s-style psych-framed garage-rock, to heart breaking soul to out and out rock and roll. Buy the tickets, take the ride and remind yourself why music is your first love. Tickets available now. Just 8 quid advance or a tenner on the door.