Memories of the 1st Day of the Deadbeats Festival down by the river at The Isis River Farmhouse in May 2018. What a truly amazing day full of families, friends, loved ones and strangers ❤️ We hugged, we kissed, we were socially inappropriate, we loved and laughed together, shared each other’s drinks, we people watched, we ran from the biblical rain and huddled close under umbrellas, we marvelled at 10 first class Oxford bands under 1 roof in 1 day and thought nothing of how lucky we were. We danced. What we would give to do that again this year. We’ll do it again people! Wonderful photos by Chris Bocking ? “Joy, sorrow, tears, lamentation, laughter – to all these music gives voice, but in such a way that we are transported from the world of unrest to a world of peace, and see reality in a new way, as if we were sitting by a mountain lake and contemplating hills and woods and clouds in the tranquil and fathomless water.”
Albert Schweitzer