“The very best in Oxford rock and roll music. My only criticism is that there weren’t 50,000 people in the room”. OMS Magazine on DOTDB15
Music. Memories. Mayhem. Music.
Yes, it’s back. Saturday the 7th May. The night that’s all about showcasing the wonderful thing that is live music and Oxford returns and is still free as a bird and wild as a March Hare.
Our hosts for Number 16 are the wonderful Isis Farmhouse who can quite rightly boast the most beautiful setting in Oxford. Together we bring yet another night of sumptuous bands and warm embraces.
Fancy some stompin’, slidin’, pickin’ blues-infused Ulster Americana to get the juices flowing? Yes 1st up are local heroes The Scott Gordon band a 4-piece roots band playing original blues ‘n’ western! Jazzy drums, wild harmonica, rollin’ basslines, blues-infused songs, finger-pickin’ acoustic guitar, lap slide, down-home vocals, a Northern Irish accent, and a whole lotta excess attitude! Escapism it may be, but these lot go a whole lot deeper than that. Regulars round the Oxford circuit they are not to be missed. 2nd up it is the one and only The Ragged Charms! With original songs that sound like you’ve known them all your life the Charms embrace a cornucopia of musical delights. Mixing up hard driving blues with a promiscuity of influences from punk to bossa nova, their music is at once timeless and contemporary. Fronting this fiesta of melody and syncopation is the divine Ms Ali Jones with a voice to move mountains, charm savage beasts or lure passing sailors to their doom, all with equal facility. Alongside her is chief executioner Carlton Mounsher who riffs with a ruthless authenticity on the bluesiest guitar this side of Memphis which is just set a flame with the unexpected delights of Johnny Crees’ guitar by his side. Brothers Jim (Bass) and Neil (Drums) ramp it all up with their swampy and masterful beats and bumps. The Ragged Charms will without a shadow of a doubt have your hips a shaking and knees a trembling. We’re not gonna lie. There’s a special place in our Deadbeat hearts for this wonderful band.
And, of course, us Deadbeats will be closing the evening in triumphant fashion with a set beginning with a divine musical explosion and ending with an alternative universe beckoning. It’s been a long road to get here brothers and sisters.
Sixteen is a symbol of wholeness and the number of perfect completeness.
Sixteen is a number of perfect measures
The Tarot Deck number 16 marks the Tower card which symbolizes great changes and moving on to something or someplace completely new.
For the world we live ins sake, lets f**king hope so.
Come celebrate live music and independent venues with The Deadbeat Apostles and remind yourself why music is your first love. Support local. Support live.