Leave it to Men – The latest single from local rock powerhouses The Deadbeat Apostles is a high energy commentary on the phenomenon of counterculture and the need of the establishment to silence anybody they don’t agree with. The quality of a Deadbeats track is never in question – they are, perhaps, Oxford’s best-kept secret, and one we need to start sharing with the entire world – but the fact that this serves as probably the best showcase of the usually-underused Michelle Mayes’ vocal talents really helps make this a standout track. Managing to tackle something so serious and pertinent, however, whilst maintaining an upbeat tone and making it so thoroughly danceable is the real achievement of the track – it isn’t just hitting all the right beats socially, it’s hitting the right notes musically. This is almost the perfect protest song for the modern era; Bob Dylan for the TikTok generation. (KS) Oxfordshire Music Scene Magazine December 2021