After two cancelled gigs and a year to test the rock and roll patience of even the kings and queen of such matters we return and we are going on a little jolly to our much loved neighbour Thame.

Yes Oxford’s answer to rock and roll step back up to show em how its done this April and y’all need to jump on the wagon to take this ride with em. our hosts are Thame snooker club and we’re mighty chuffed they’ve invited us along – 1A Saint Andrews Court, Wellington Street, Thame OX9 3WT ·
A whole host of musical beauties join them for a night that’s set to be super smashing great as well as full of soul, rock and roll and new music. So polish off ya cue end and get ready to knock one off the brown as live music is what life is all about.
Run down of the evening as follows –

10:15 – 11:00 – The Deadbeat Apostles
9:30 – Nineteenth hour
9:00 – Dan Raza
8:35 – Paul Martin
8:15 – Paul Warriner duo.
8:00 – Wendy Grace with Restless oceans

Only £3 entry, if you aint there, we’ll be gutted. Come remind yourself why music is your first love x