“A full year on from their Nightshift front cover debut – and the last Nightshift before the world locked down – DEADBEAT APOSTLES return with a new single. ‘The Deadbeat Shuffle’ is a proper old bluesy soul smoochathon, proving once again that the band are unfairly blessed with great singers in their ranks. The band are going to be the main guests of BBC INTRODUCING IN OXFORD tomorrow night, talking about their year in exile and their short film ‘On Record’. Listen to the show tomorrow at

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p099v5q0 and hear the new single now at https://thedeadbeatapostles.bandcamp.com/…/the-deadbeat… Seriously, the day we’re allowed out to party with the Deadbeats again is going to be something special – expect carnage to make King Kong vs Godzilla look like handbags at dawn.” Nightshift Magazine March 2021