After a whole year since a gig, a Nightshift cover that failed to make it to print, a cancelled single launch, 1 lockdown video, a DBA documentary, a brief blast of beauty back rehearsing, another lockdown and a place in Nightshifts top 20 tracks of 2020 we are back! New single The Deadbeat Shuffle is out now and we know you’re gonna dig its vibe.

Like everyone us Deadbeats have had to adapt and so via the power of nobs and cyber space rather than the usual beauty of human contact and that golden feeling of being in a room with your gang we’ve created a track to get ya to ya feet, shout, dance, chant, re find your hedonistic inner self and unapologetically party hard. You ready to do the shuffle? Move a little closer, take my hand, that’s right. Who better than to wake you from you winter slumber than the soulful, rock and roll swagger of Oxford’s The Deadbeat Apostles. Wanna go out dancing but the time just ain’t right? Well lose yourself in our private island and find that glimmer of hope on the horizon.