3rd act announcement is here you lovely lot! Get ready for the hootin’ tootin’ beauties that are The Prairie Clams who’ll be bringing to you both types of music – Country ‘and’ Western – and all dressed up in some of the best shirts this side of Nashville! Us Deadbeats were lucky enough to catch their set at this year’s TRUCK FESTIVAL and were blown away by their intoxicating blend of traditional country swing and blues. Led by the one and only Johnny Hinkes, known to anyone who’s ever strolled through Oxford as the undisputed guitar king of Oxford’s street entertainers, he is joined by wonderfully talented bandmates Simon Winner and Hugh Blaza. The Deadbeats and other intrepid orienteers at Truck’s Apple Tree stage were wowed by their authentic and imaginative interpretations of an eclectic, not to say promiscuous, range of material. And now you can be too because (fanfare please) they’ll be joining us at The Isis Farmhouse for The Day of the Deadbeats 7 on Saturday the 22nd September! Come join us, Beard of Destiny and your hosts at the Isis Farmhouse Noreen and Adrian for what’s set to be a return to the glory days of our last 6 nights! Sometimes you gotta get away to come back stronger.….Free entry and kicking off from 7